This page will occasionally provide our regular visitors with updates of the latest additions to our main website at and other relevant news.

2nd November 2022

Recently added a very rare 1920s Paragon China Teapot with the children in the car design by Beatrice Mallet, with an equally rare Paragon China mug from the same Beatrice Mallet series - both these pieces are in incredibly fine condition.
Other recent additions include another rare example of Roger Michell's "I've Lost My Little Willie" Teapot (less than 50 made in the 1970s at his Lustre Pottery, and made in tribute to Donald McGill after his postcard with this same humorous design). Also recently added is another very scarce limited edition Europa and the Bull by Roger Michell designed and modelled as a gravy boat, but never really intended to be used as one, as it clearly is a wonderful display piece. Another example is held in the V & A museum in Kensington.

21st January 2022

Latest additions include a Shelley Baby's Plate by Hilda Cowham from her second series, a set of six Walking Ware egg cups, a Carlton Ware Walking Ware Cross Legged (RJS) Tea Set , a Carlton Ware Walking Ware "Santa Claus" Mug, a Carlton Ware Walking Ware French Maid / Waitress Cup, a scarce green shoe Carlton Ware Walking Ware Biscuit Barrel and Lid, a rare Carlton Ware Walking Ware "Happy Birthday" Present Jug, two Louis Wain items both in wonderful condition - firstly an extraordinarily scarce Paragon Tinker Tailor Series Teapot by Louis Wain, and secondly, a rare Paragon Tinker Tailor Series Bowl by Louis Wain, illustrated with "The Busy Tailor", a hard to find Paragon China Future Telling Side Plate by J. A. Robinson in wonderful condition, a scarce Paragon Mother Goose Series Tea Plate by Chloe Preston, illustrating the Baa Baa black sheep nursery rhyme, an extremely scarce Paragon Peek-a-Boo Series Tea Plate designed by Chloe Preston, illustrated with wide eyed very young boys making their exit from an army recruiting office, having just signed up in emulation of their fathers in the 1st World War.
All the above Paragon items are extremely scarce and around 100 years old, or close to in date.

30th July 2021

Recently added is an extremely scarce 19th C. St. Clement Majolica absinthe jug modelled as a monkey , a Paragon Peek-a-Boo mug by Chloe Preston illustrated with 2 little girls dressed as Red Cross nurses riding in a wagon bearing a Red Cross flag, drawn by a galloping donkey (also bearing Red Cross insignia). Entitled "HURRYING TO RED CROSS HOSPITAL " , a further Paragon Peek-a-Boo Baby's Plate by Chloe Preston illustrated with Peek-a-Boo little boys in military uniform as a military band, one with drum, one with bugle and yet another with a placard reading "JOIN TODAY" marching along the road, a scarce Paragon tea plate from the Mother Goose Series circa 1918 designed by Chloe Preston illustrated with Mother Goose and her children and with the nursery rhyme , an extremely rare and attractive rocking whistle eggcup formed as a stork (unusual to find an eggcup which is both a whistle and a rocker!), an extraordinarily scarce Paragon teapot from the Tinker Tailor Series (which was first issued in 1918) decorated with signed illustrations by Louis Wain and another item from this series - a shallow bowl illustrated with "The Busy Tailor" also by Louis Wain.
Also added recently are a selection of pieces and sets from the ever popular Walking Ware range including some of the more scarce items such as The French Maid /(Waitress) cup, The Santa Claus Mug, The Cross Legged RJS Teaset, a Walking Ware Biscuit Barrel with the rare green shoes and purple star socks and a set of 6 Walking Ware eggcups.

2nd February 2020

Recently added is a 1920s Shelley children's saucer designed by Hilda Cowham and a 1920's teaplate also by Hilda Cowham with the Little Bo Peep illustration.
Also added are some particularly rare Florence Upton Golly ceramics dating to around the turn of the 20th century circa 1900.A teaplate illustrated from 'The Golliwogg's Polar Adventures' and a cup with an illustration from 'The Golliwogg's Auto-go-cart' These last two pieces unusually have a yellow background.

8th May 2019

Just added is an early 19th century Derby Inkwell with the original liner with the Duesbury Derby mark to the base, dating it to between 1800 and 1825. Also added is a very scarce 1920s trinket dish designed by Hilda Cowham for Shelley China.


8th March 2019

Recently added to are 2 more very scarce novelty teapots designed by the late Roger Michell - An extremely scarce I can't see my Little Willie teapot based on the postcard design by Donald McGill, and with a tribute to him written on the neck of the lid (one of only a handful with this particular design from an edition of less than 50), and secondly a rare Silver Lady teapot with a very retro Art Deco style design.


18th January 2019

Added to today is a 1980s Margaret Thatcher Teapot designed by Peter Fluck and Roger Law after the "Spitting Image" TV series puppet they had designed and with their "Luck and Flaw" impressed mark to the base.

15th December 2018

Added to recently are 2 rare Edward Allington teapots designed, made and individually signed by him in the 1970s.
Also added are 3 extremely scarce plates with designs by Florence Upton from her illustrations for her children's stories about the adventures of Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg doll who was portrayed as a hero saving those Dutch Dolls from calamity.. A number of different potteries used her illustrations on their children's ceramics, but these plates were from the very first pottery to use them around 1900 and the illustrations are significantly better than any that followed in the ensuing decade or so. The illustrations have been identified to derive from The Golliwogg's Polar Adventures , The Gollwogg's Circus and The Golliwogg's Auto-Go-Cart .

Another recent addition is a Lustre Pottery small ltd edition example of the Tap Teapot - designed by Roger Michell and later produced by Carlton Ware in larger numbers. It is with great sadness that we note that Roger passed away earlier this year. He was a fantastic potter and both he and his marvelous and rare creations will be missed by many.We shall be adding some more rare items designed by Roger Michell in the near future to .

15th December 2018

For a number of reasons, this page hasn't been updated for over 6 years. However, it is intended to be re-used to link new additions to for searcher's information.


3rd May 2012

We have not updated this page over the last 18 months, but we have not been idle and many new items have been bought and sold which didn't make it to the new website - So it is always advisable to check with us if you're seeking something which we deal in or you can see that we have had in the past and sold.
However, here are some of the more recent additions to
Further scarce Mabel Lucie Attwell items include a tall beaker shaped mug, 4 rare figures of Boo Boos at various activities - including a 1920s Shelley "Boo Boo" with watering can, a 1920s Shelley "Boo Boo" astride a donkey, a 1940s/ 50s "Boo Boo" figure & a magic mushroom, a 1940s/50s Shelley Boo Boo Seated on a Dog. Other Shelley items include an extremely large and stunning Intarsio Jug designed by Frederick Rhead decorated with flying cranes , and a 1st series Hilda Cowham mug. other items include a pair of 1930s rocking eggcups, a Ltd. Edition Child on Horse Tea Pot designed by Roger Michell , Pair of Art Deco Corkscrews formed as Stylised Donkeys , 1930s Honeycomb Box by Fieldings Crown Devon , Paragon Tinker Tailor Series Plate by Louis Wain, a Melba Merry Go Round Novelty Tea Pot & Milk Jug, a Pair of Gothic Revival Dinner Plates, a Charles Horner Arts & Crafts Silver & Enamel Brooch, an Arts & Crafts Silver & Enamel Brooch designed by Archibald Knox, a number of scarce Beatrice Mallet ceramics and further rare whistle eggcups and others from the 1920s/1930s pre-war period .

23rd September 2010

New items on site include a number of scarce pre-war Shelley pieces designed by Mabel Lucie Attwell significantly amongst these are an extremely scarce cruet set dating from the 1920s / 1930s , an extremely scarce conserve pot also from the same pre - war period and a scarce babys bowl with the highly desirable aeroplane pattern - again 1920s / 1930s. Also available in this category is a charming pre - war cup with the See - Saw pattern and several large size cake plates. Another currently available piece that will be of interest to Shelley / Wileman collectors is an Intarsio tea pot formed as President Kruger dating from the pre 1st world war period and designed by Frederick Rhead .
Other recently added items include one of the most desirable and difficult to find 1920s whistle egg cups modelled as a policeman - in perfect condition , a rare and complete Carlton Ware Lustre Pottery Carribbean pattern RJS (Running, Jumping and Standing Still) tea set which includes the tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl (this last with correct lid - so difficult to find!) and a Carribbean pattern running cup - another difficult to find piece. A scarce Louis Wain designed mug circa 1920 produced by Paragon China has also been added recently.

31st May 2010

Wow, since last year almost everything that has been added has sold almost immediately - notably including a number of pieces of rare 1920s Paragon children's china - (pieces by J. A. Robinson, Chloe Preston and Beatrice Mallet.)
Latest addition this month is an Arts and Crafts Silver and Enamel brooch designed by Archibald Knox for Liberty in good condition.

20th April 2009

20th April 2009

Added to recently is a 1930s Karakashian Balian Vase marked Jerusalem Pottery. This attractive vase is decorated in the Armenian style with deer grazing in a meadow.
Also added are three very scarce whistle egg cups -one Japanese whistle egg cup is formed as a dog and dates from the 1930s, another 2 German examples - one whistle egg cup formed as a stylised dog dating from the 1920s or earlier and the other whistle egg cup, also German from the same period, is formed as a train locomotive engine. Whistle eggcups from the pre war period are now extremely difficult to find and are much prized by novelty egg cup collectors.



18th March 2009

Newly added to, a pair of Carlton Ware Walking Ware Adam and Eve cups and a set of four Carlton Ware Walking Ware Wellington Boot eggcups.

2nd March 2009

Just included on, further difficult to find Carlton Ware Walking Ware ceramics as follows - a Carlton Ware Walking Ware Easter Eggcup and lid, a Carlton Ware Walking Ware Coffee Pot and lid, a Carlton Ware Walking Ware two handled Coffee Bowl and lid, and a seated shelf edge Carlton Ware Walking Ware sugar basin and lid. Copies of Walking Ware A Collectors Guide by Julia Michell are also still available.

23rd February 2009

Just added to our other website, are some further pieces of scarce Paragon 1920s children's china, namely -
a Beatrice Mallet cup, a Beatrice Mallet baby's bowl and a J. A. Robinson Pixie Playtime porcelain mug.
Also added is an incredibly scarce Tippoo Tiger gravy boat (limited edition of only 51 successfully made out of a proposed 60 - by Lustre Pottery in the mid 1970s. See here for more info.

20th November 2008

This autumn, good reviews of Walking Ware A Collectors Guide by Julia Michell (co-published by our new website have appeared in Antiques Info magazine (September/October issue), Antique and Collectors Trader and a two page spread in Collect It magazine (October issue). Since our last news page update, we have added some further scarce Walking Ware items - some pieces which were used for the illustrations in the book including - A Walking Ware Biscuit Barrel , A Walking Ware Bigfoot Clock and A Rare Lustre Pottery "I've Lost My Little Willie" teapot. Other scarce Walking Ware added were A Lustre Pottery Long John Silver Cup (with the original Lustre Pottery sticker) , A possibly unique running eggcup (with a blue body!), An early (pre-Carlton Ware) set of Lustre Pottery moulded cups and a rare X-legs teapot (No. 41 - only 60 were actually made before the mould was destroyed).
Also added recently is a stunning Birmingham Arts and Crafts copper watering can made by Joseph Sankey circa 1904 - and in excellent condition.

24th August 2008

In line with recent co-publication of WALKING WARE A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE we are beginning to add further items from the Walking Ware range starting with a set of 4 long legged Walking Ware cups from the Carlton Ware / Lustre Pottery RJS series. This set includes a very difficult to find blue shoe and sock example. Also from the RJS range is a set of 4 long legged cups with Caribbean decoration. These also are uncommon as they were made in much smaller numbers. Watch this space for some other scarce or rare pieces which will be added over the next few months. Readers may be interested to note that there will be an article about the range and the book in the October edition of Collect-It Magazine which comes out next month in early September.
A review of the book can also be read in the September / October issue of Antiques Info Magazine (now available), and another is promised soon in Antique and Collectors Trader.

Also recently added to the Shelley China section is a large sandwich / cake plate designed by Mabel Lucie Attwell with the very scarce mermaid, boo - boo and children in a boat design , and another large sandwich / cake plate with a different boo boos and little girl design. All these original large Mabel Lucie Attwell plates from the pre-war 1920s /1930s period are extremely difficult to find these days and make great display items in a collection.
To round off - also in 1920s childrens china, we have added to the Paragon China section a very attractive baby's bowl from the Pixie Playtime Series designed by one of Paragon's best children's china designers J. R. Robinson. This piece is in very good condition and shows minimal signs of use. The Pixie Playtime Series, depicting elves and pixies at various activities and play is often overlooked by collectors searching for items from J. R. Robinson's rare Future Telling Series, but is also an attractive and scarce series from this pottery and period.

19th May 2008

We are pleased to finally announce the publication of .....
by Julia Michell under the Walking Ware Publication imprint. This has been a work in progress over the last couple of years, and is the result of a collaborative effort by (our new site) and (the site of Roger Michell - one of the original designers).
The book is written by Julia Michell (wife of one of the original designers of the range) and covers the background and history, production methods, a complete design list (of 79 designs) , additionally including a section on promotional examples and with further sections on identification, backstamps and marks, patterns and colourways and more. Paperback Fully illustrated with 240 illustrations most of which were provided by .

This is the book that collectors of Walking Ware have wanted for decades. At last, using the Design List, sections on Identification, Backstamps and Marks and Patterns and colorways, collectors will have the correct information to distinguish and identify what is genuine, earlier or later and thus what is copied or an outright fake. The design list is complete and therefore contains some extremely rare items which are fully illustrated. There is even a section at the back, in which collectors can itemise and record their own collections and purchases or use to track prices of walking ware items they come across.

You can find further information on our new website here where there is also a Flash sample of pages from the book and a secure online facility (PayPal) to purchase your copy by credit card directly. (Other payment methods are also available).

Latest updates to the site are appropriately a Scarce (Complete) Carlton Ware Walking Ware Bigfoot Teaset, a Carlton Ware Walking Ware Bigfoot toastrack, a Complete Set of Carlton Ware Walking Ware Bigfoot Egg Cups and a Complete Set of Carlton Ware Walking Ware Bigfoot Cups . There will be other Walking Ware pieces added over the next month so keep checking back in our Walking Ware section on
Also added recently is a Paragon Future Telling Series Tea plate by J. A. Robinson . Pieces from this 1920s Future Telling Series are nowadays extremely scarce and highly collectible.

3rd March 2008

Since the last update, we have added a 1920s Paragon China Baby's Bowl by J. A. Robinson (from the Pixie Playtime Series), a different example of a Clarice Cliff Bizarre Plate designed by Ernest Proctor, a set of 6 Carlton Ware- Lustre Pottery Walking Ware cups (now sold), a scarce Carlton Ware - Lustre Pottery Walking Ware French Maid / Waitress Cup and a rare 1930s Locomotive / Train Teapot.

18th January 2008

Latest additions include a rare Paragon children's mug designed by Louis Wain circa 1918, an extremely scarce Shelley China star shaped trinket dish with in illustration of a young girl with a ginger cat by Hilda Cowham (from her 1st series for Shelley circa 1925) and a set of three Carlton Ware Walking Ware Running Cups.

7th December 2007

Recently added are a Louis Wain teaplate circa 1919 from the Paragon Tinker Taylor Series depicting two cats flying an early aeroplane , a Portmeirion Pottery "Magic City" teapot, cups and saucers designed by Susan Williams Ellis (who founded the pottery) and a complete set of 4 Carlton Ware Walking Ware Big Foot eggcups.

2nd November 2007 

Latest items include a Carlton Ware Lustre Pottery Chick and Worm breakfast set for one, and three more Carlton Ware Walking Ware items - biscuit barrel, miniature teapot and a rare Running "Happy Birthday" Milk jug. Also added are a Clarice Cliff Bizarre dinner plate painted in silver lustre after a design by Ernest Proctor dated 1934, a Paragon China "Dutch Children" design trio and a Shelley China large size mug designed by Mabel Lucie Attwell .

16th July 2007

Since the last update we have had a number of Carlton Ware items added : a Walking Ware RJS teaset (sold) , a set of Walking Ware cups (sold), another set of Walking Ware eggcups a further set of the RJS running eggcups with full sock decoration and including a scarce blue shoed example with blue socks (usually red)), and a Walking Ware teaset . We also added a stunning Carlton Ware Lustre Pottery Biscuit Barrel in the Malachite pattern , a Carlton Ware Dovecote coffee set , a Carlton Ware Dovecote tea set , a Carlton Ware Dovecote set of cups and saucers and a Carlton Ware Tumbling Skier teapot designed by Roy Simpson.

3rd April 2007

Recently added are a few more Carlton Ware Walking Ware items from the range of "Specials" produced by them circa 1980, including a Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee kneeling cup (1977) , a Commemorative Charles & Diana kneeling Cup (1981) , a Carlton Ware Walking Ware Year of the Child Cup (1979) , an "I am 18" birthday cup , a pair of Walking Ware Valentine cups , a scarce Calrton Ware Waling Ware Easter Egg Cup and cover and a 1920s Mabel Lucie Attwell "Boo-Boo" teapot styled as a mushroom house by Shelley .

16th March 2007

Since the last update, latest items added to our new site are, a number of 1920s Paragon childrens china pieces including a Chloe Preston teaplate and saucer , an extremely scarce Louis Wain cup and another early Mickey Mouse bowl (circa 1930) with a rare illustration "Hunting the Moose". Further new items on site include a selection of novelty eggcups including two rocking egg cups (a rocking pair of monkeys and a rocking teddy girl), a Carlton Ware Lustre Pottery double egg cup and an egg coddler , a Lustre Pottery Studio limited edition (1 of 16) Tumbling Clowns teapot , a limited edition Lustre Pottery 2006 Walking Ware tea set + 2 cups (1 of 100), some further Carlton Ware Lustre Pottery Walking Ware items including 2 pairs of commemorative Charles and Diana Walking Ware cups. Other items include a good quality Arts and Crafts copper vase, a 1930s Bonzo trivet, and a fine quality Art Deco figurine entitled Sonnenkind (Sun Child) by designed by Karl Tutter (circa 1930).

16th October 2006

Lately we have added to our new site ( ) some rare 1920s (and earlier) Paragon childrens chna (some of which have sold very quickly) , but there are still some lovely and extraordinarily scarce items available in this section such as an early pre 1st world ware mug and teaplate of Dollys Doctor and Dollys School by Thomas Poole and from the same period a Mug by John Hassall. Also new in this category are an Eileen Soper mug and teaplate, a Charlie Chaplin cup and saucer duo , a Mickey Mouse bowl and a Chloe Preston bowl. Continuing with the children's china theme, there's also a scarce large size child's plate by William Heath Robinson in the Midwinter section, and several new pieces of Mabel Lucie Attwell china in the Shelley category.
A new collection of Carlton Ware Walking Ware pieces were added - (again some of these are now in the Sold section for that category) but further pieces from this range are expected to be added in the near future. Talking of which, we are collaborating with Roger and Julia Michell on what we hope wil be the definitive collector's guide to Walking Ware. This is in a pre-publication proof stage currently. If you would like to be informed when this work is published, you are invited to contact us and leave your details.
New categories include cruets (or shakers) with a nice selection of some unusual examples, and Troika with the inclusion of a good Troika Wheel Vase which has sold quickly.
Further new items on the new site include a good quality Arts And Crafts Copper Coffee Pot (possibly Newlyn or Keswick), a Bernard Leach stoneware eggcup and of course a magnificent 1970s cubist ceramic sculpture by Edward Allington - which is currently our front page featured item.

20th June 2006

Finally we have built our new website!!! It has a nice clear layout and uses thumbnails on the category pages. You can find it at . You will find most the site content and categories from this site (and some new categories too), plus we have a lot of new stock which is being added weekly. Our new site should give the visitor a better browsing experience. For instance, you will find that each category is searchable by "sold" and "available" sections, and we have added a search box to help visitors find items on the site faster. So be our guest and visit now.


22nd September 2003

Just put on site is an extremely scarce Paragon China Children's Tea set designed by J. A. Robinson circa 1928, entitled "The Childs Future Telling Tea Set" (Sometimes alluded to as "The Child's Fortune Telling Tea Set"). Also new on site is one of Mabel Lucie Attwell's best designs for Shelley China on a teaplate.

16th April 2003

It's been a just over a year since the last update on this page, and visitors may well be wondering what's happening on this site.! Well, we have been busy, in fact so busy that this update page was the first thing to suffer neglect. We hope to be updating this page much more frequently from now on.

Recently included on the site are the following Carlton Ware Walking Ware items......
A full teaset with 6 cups, three running cups and three running egg cups, four standing egg cups and rarest of all a French Maid / Waitress Cup which is one of the least well known but more unusual items from this decorative and fun range of wares. More items to follow soon.

24th March 2002

Walking Ware enthusiasts please note that several prices have been reduced - notably items 148 , 149 and 150. There are two new additions in this range item164 (another long legged cup with maroon shoes) and item 165 (a standing cross legged sgar bowl). Both these last two items are from the "Running Standing and Sitting" Walkingware range that Carltonware produced in the late 1970s early 1980s. Further new additions to the site include a Johnsons oval blue and white plate with the transfer pattern of Niagra Falls from the "Historic America" series, and an Ashtead Pottery plate decorated with leaping deer..

2nd February 2002

Further items of Carltonware were added today, including some of the more scarce and unusual items of Walkingware.Namely a running cup , two long legged standing milk jugs ,two long legged standing cups one with green shoes and the other with yellow shoes and two shelf edge or table edge seated cross legged sugar bowls. These items are from the "Running Standing and Sitting" Walkinware set of the later 70s early 80s. More Walkingware added today are two Carltonware Walkingware egg cups and an Adam and Eve (Bigfoot) cup. There are some beautifully decorated Carltonware Red and Blue" Dovecote" items and including some egg coddlers in either the red or blue colourways.

31st January 2002

Additions to the site today include some further items of Carltonware's Walkingware range.A "Running" cup , two long legged walking milk jugs and sonme Carltonware egg cups including a pair of "Walking" egg cups. Further Carltonware items (to include more Walkingware, will be added shortly.

19th November 2001

Several more rare items designed by Roger Michell have just been included. A large Cabbage teapot in the style of the smaller eighteenth century Whieldon teapots, and two variant decoration Walking Ware teapots he made at Lustre Pottery after the closure of the Carltonware Pottery which had made them. There will be more ceramic items coming from Lustre Pottery soon.

Collectors and researchers please note that we have now provided some biographical details of Roger Michell .

5th October 2001

Following a recent agreement between and Roger Michell of Lustre Pottery and Carltonware fame, we are extremely pleased to announce the inclusion of a number of fantastic and highly desirable novelty teapots designed by Roger. These include the Cross Legged teapot (a rare teapot to add to your walking ware collection), the Lion Tamer teapot, (and full colour version) and the Knobware teapot. Other examples from his Carltonware period include an Elephant teapot and a Silver lady teapot. There is also a unique and exceptional silver resist lustre teapot available.
Watch this page for news of further attractive Roger Michell ceramic creations whic will be added over the next few days and coming week.

15th August 2001

Just in are items 131 and 132 - all running egg cups by Carltonware.

10th July 2001

Recent additions to the site are a pair of Midwinter chintz cake plates on a stand and a decorative silver box probably used as a card case or compact.

4th June 2001

Added today are two whistling egg cups. These are now very hard to find. Also added is a ceramic Japanese Stanhope, portraying a female nude and a Staffordshire blue and white transfer printed pap boat from the 1800 to 1820 period.
Other recent inclusions are a Clarice Cliff the Rhodanthe pattern and Bonjour shape and two Jessie Tait cups made by Midwinter in the 1950s..

18th May 2001

Recent visitors may have noticed the addition of a Wilemans (Shelley) Intarsio tea pot designed by Frederick Rheade modelled as Joseph Chamberlain the 19th century politician. Just added today is an extremely scarce ceramic Mickey Mouse egg cup showing him with teeth! This last dates from the early 1930s. Coming soon to this site are some rare ceramic whistle egg cups.

24th January 2001

Further changes have been implemented today on the Home Page, with the updated graphics. will be introducing further new stock to its pages over the coming weeks and months, and we will keep you informed of new additions to the site on this page as they are included.. We'd also like to take this opportunity to wish all our visitors a Happy New Year.

11th November

You may have noticed some design changes are being made to this site. So far we have installed a new drop down menu on the home page, which we hope you like , and reformatting of some pages and resizing of some logos is also taking place. Please don't hesitate to e - mail your comments or opinions of the site or any of the changes now gradually being instituted.Your feedback will be most welcomed and appreciated! Further updates will continue to be posted on this page as they occur.

As Christmas will be upon us next month, we have chosen a scarce pre war Santa Claus teapot made by the Staffordshire firm Sadler for Pick of the week.

7th October

Coming to from next week onwards, are a variety of fresh items. Other improvements to this site and will be also be made this Autumn.

Pick of the week this week is a bell - boy teapot designed by Martin and Judy Bibby for Swineside Ceramics in the 1980s.This is a very stylish ceramic tea pot by some very promising contemporary British ceramics designers.

Several new links with other sites have been exchanged since the our last news update in August. These may be found on our linkpage.

24th August

We have just added another 4 pages of novelty egg cups to the site - making 12 pages in all!

5th August

This week's Pick of the Week is a scarce English early 1930s ceramic perfume bottle modelled as Mickey Mouse.

22nd July

Pick of the week this week is a set of six walking cups and the teapo,t milk jug and sugar basin (with lid) to match. They were designed by Roger Michell and made and decorated by Carltonware from about the mid seveties ('76 ) onward and into the early eighties. This highly decorative teaset is shown on two successive pages in this site.

9th July

This week's "Pick of the Week" is a pair of 19th century cast iron door stops modelled as Punch and Judy.

27th June

An unusual and scarce wall plaque modelled as a goose in flight and made by Shorter & sons in the 1930s is pick of the week this week.

14th June

This week's pick of the week is a 1930s Royal Doulton figurine designed by Leslie Harradine entitled "Charmian" Also new to the site this week is the full set of Carltonware "Walking Ware" comprising the teapot, milk, sugar and 6 cups. - see items 108 & 109.

6th June

This week's Pick of the week is a stylish 'Zebra Vase designed by Albert Hallam and Jim Hayward for Beswick China in the mid 1950s.

21st May

This week's "Pick of the Week" is a charming Mabel Lucie Attwell teaplate decorated with a young girl washing a "boo boo" fairy and with a rhyme. Shelley China.

Another unusual addition to the site is a 16th century Flemish forgery - of an Albrecht Durer woodblock print.

9th May 2000

A recent additioni is a late 19th / early 20th century aneroid barometer mounted on an unusual walnut panel carved in the Victorian Grotesque Style and decorated with fighting demons.

23rd March 2000

Arts and Crafts enthusiasts may like to know that the Arts and Crafts furniture Co. Ltd. have some further items displayed on this site which include a brass and copper table lamp and shade designed by Benson, an Arts and Crafts mirror and a fine Heal's "Letchworth" compactum. (10th April - The Benson lamp sold last week)

.A recent addition to the site , is a scarce Maxfield Parrish print - entitled "Lanterns" in it's original mount and frame.



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