Welcome to the Information Page of www.Decorativeart.co.uk

www.Decorativeart.co.uk (and our sister site www.Decorativearts.net) have been specifically set up for those who are interested in or collectors of Decorative Arts.
There are many styles and catagories of antiques and more modern styles which come under the umbrella of Decorative Arts - such as Aesthetic Movement, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Bauhaus, Secessionist, Jugenstil, Pre - Raphaelite, Gothic Revival, Many different Ethnic and Rural Styles and many other decorative styles from Modern Italian, Scandinavian and other European or American glass and furniture, Space age design, to 18th or 19th Century Chinese and Japanese cloissone, porcelain, laquer work, ceramics and textiles.

Decorative Architectural items, Art, Metalware,Textiles, Drawings, Paintings, Watercolours, Prints, Batiks, and Jewelry from all parts of the Globe can also be considered Decorative Art - as long as they are in fact decorative and artistic.

We no longer display items for other sellers, so all items on display are our own property. The emphasis currently is on 20th century decorative ceramics.

We have recently built a new site at www.decorativearts.net , and all new stock since then (and any residual unsold stock on this site) is to be found there. We have divided the new site at www.decorativearts.net into 2 sections - one for Available items and the other for Sold items. Each category has an "Available" and "Sold" button at the top of its page to make it easier for browsing those sections.

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